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      Peytec's Social Distancing Solution is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) contact tracing technology designed for essential workplaces and frontline workers. 

      What is contact tracing? Contact tracing is the process of finding out who has recently been in close contact with a person infected with a virus

      Dr. Gregory Poland, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert, explains why contact tracing is important in the fight against COVID-19.


      In the current pandemic situation, a major risk for businesses is a workplace breakout. In an event of a workplace breakout not only the business might be forced to shut down but also the community will greatly suffer since the availability of the essential products and services offered by the company is disrupted. 

       Peytec's Social Distancing Solution:  

      To make contact tracing seamless and effective, Peytec, and award-winning IoT company, designed a contact tracing technology called: "Social Distancing Solution". The Social Distancing Solution tracks the date, time, and duration of interaction between employees at the workplace. If social distancing policies are violated by employees it will send alerts (Flashing LED). In addition, all the anonymous data collected are automatically get uploaded to Peytec's cloud software where the management team can access it and monitor the health & safety of its employees as well as ensuring the employees obey the social distancing policies. 

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