Proactive Reconciliation in Mines: Ore Tracking with Peytec's MuckPuck Tag


Proactive reconciliation in mines is becoming increasingly important. Ore tracking with Peytec's MuckPuck Tag is a great way to ensure that ore is accurately tracked and traced from point-of-origin to its destination. Proactive reconciliation differs from reactive reconciliation as it requires proactive measures to ensure that ore is correctly and efficiently followed, allowing for better decision-making and reducing the risk of errors. With Peytec's MuckPuck Tag, ore piles can be accurately tracked and monitored, providing real-time data and guiding truck drivers on where to go.

What is Reactive Reconciliation?

Reactive reconciliation is a process of reconciling ore extracted from a mine with the amount of ore that has been shipped to its destination. This type of reconciliation is often done at the end of the day, week, or month. It requires manual paperwork and data entry, making it slow and tedious. As mining operations become more complex, reactive reconciliation cannot keep up with the changing environment and the ever-increasing volume of ore to be tracked.

What is Proactive Reconciliation?

Proactive reconciliation is a concept that has become increasingly important in the mining industry in recent years. It involves proactively monitoring and tracking ore from the point of origin to its final destination rather than waiting until the ore has been delivered before verifying its quantity and quality.

The Importance of Real-Time Ore Tracking

Real-time ore tracking is essential for proactive reconciliation in mines. Real-time ore tracking enables miners to track their ore as it moves from its origin to its destination, helping them ensure an accurate record of ore supply and movement. This provides critical insights into operational efficiency, cost control, and safety compliance, ultimately used to allow for the proactive reconciliation of mines.

How Peytec's MuckPuck Tag Works

Peytec's MuckPuck tag is the future of mine. The innovative technology enables proactive reconciliation, allowing mines to track ore piles from point-of-origin to their destination and guides the truck drivers on where to go. The tag is part of Peytec's Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution, enabling real-time information about muck piles and other elements of the mine operations. The MuckPuck tag uses Wireless Positioning and Sensing Network (WPSN) technology superior to the conventional RIFD. The tags are placed on ore piles before they are transported, with the location information automatically transferred to a central control system and cloud.

The benefits of using real-time ore tracking are far-reaching. Mines can gain better control over their inventory and track and monitor ore pile locations in real time, allowing for accurate reconciliation and a real-time view of what’s happening in the mine. This helps them make more informed decisions and prevent delays or errors in production. Overall, real-time ore tracking is essential for proactive reconciliation in mines. Enabling efficient muck tracking, it helps mines make more informed decisions and improve their overall operational efficiency.