Social Distancing Management Solution

$0.44 per person per day and no hardware costs 

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Social Distancing Badge

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The Badges Collect Interaction Data

Peytec Wireless Smart Badges securely and anonymously track the date, time and duration of interactions between people. The Badges also send LED flashing alerts if social distancing policies are violated. 

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Smart Gateways Collect Badge Data

The Smart Gateway is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) wireless edge device that automatically and securely collects the interaction data is recorded by each badge and uploads it to Peytec's secure cloud website.  

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Cloud Website Displays Interaction Data

The Interaction data is automatically uploaded from Smart Gateways to Peytec's secure cloud website. In a case of a positive COVID19, the software quickly identifies the people that are at highest risk of getting infected. 


How to make the workplaces safer and protect your family against COVID19?

An Award Winning Company

Peytec's IoT project became the best project of the year in 2019 selected by PEO-York Chapter.

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