Modern Ore Tracking Enables a two weeks return-on-investment

Give your Muck Piles A Digital Voice in Both Underground and Surface Mines
MuckPuck 4.0
MuckPuck 4.0
MuckPuck 4.0

MuckPuck 4.0

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The MuckPuck™ is a wireless smart tag designed to track muck piles in mines from their point-of-origin (e.g., blasting area) to their destination (e.g., the mill) in real time! A true Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) solution has demonstrated high-performance reliability in underground and surface mines.


  • Water-proof (IP67)
  • Highly reliable wireless communication
  • Turns ON with a magnet switch
  • Encrypted Industrial IoT data  
  • Proprietary network design
  • NFC-enabled Tag ID Report
  • Event-based and periodic location reporting

 To download the MuckPuck™ datasheet, please click here.

Mega Transmission!

Unlike RFID, which does not work under muck piles, Peytec's MuckPuck™ Tags transmit through more than 20 tons of muck piles letting the drivers know what type of muck they carry and where they should drive to next.

How Does Peytec's MuckPuck™ Tag Work?

Step 1: Activate

Hover a magnet over the MuckPuck™ to activate it.

Step 2: Register

Program the critical information such as muck type, grade, etc. to the MuckPuck™ tag with your smart phone's NFC Technology (same as credit card contactless payment technology)!

Step 3: Deploy

Throw the MuckPuck™ on the desired pile to remotely login to our secure Industrial IoT website, tablet or smart phone to track the muck movement.

What Does Peytec's MuckPuck™ Tag Track?

Who Benefits from the MuckPuck System?

MuckPuck™ Used by
  • Accurately track material and compare it back to forecasted grades
  • Remotely track material movement from a source location to a rock breaker, surface, or mill
  • Identify individual rounds of material
  • Ensure the ore and waste get appropriately handled to the right passes
  • Monitor mill grades and control the material that gets to the mill grades.
Mine Managers
  • Real-time material movement reports
  • Proactive reconcilation of mine
  • Automated cycle-time measurement
  • Real-time visual presentation of ore location
Corporate Executives
  • Progressive AI stock prediction based on cycle times and grade predictions
  • Tools to design modern employee bonus programs
  • Amazing tool to help upgrade the chart of accounts to accurately capture costs
Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Get the real-time update of the load drop off based on the content of the muck pile
  • Get incentivized for your extra efforts to help keep the muck moving
  • Get less of radio requests and more time to focus on your job and the road

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Track muck piles from their point-of-origin (e.g. blasting area) all the way to their destination (e.g. crusher) in real-time!

Real-Time Ore Tracking Solution

Track all your muck piles anywhere, anytime in real-time to have greater confidence in efficient operation and accurate reports

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